Excellent coach. Patient, supportive and clear instructions.


Awesome, first time in my life, great teachers!

Andrea, Italy

Great surf lesson. My girls thoroughly enjoyed it


Answered so many questions I've always been too embarrassed to ask.


Very patient teacher .. felt safe and encouraged.


Surfing 50/50 at "The Dru"!

The "REAL Silver Surfing Sessions" for over 50's*

* over fifties or those just generally feeling a bit older and in need of some rejuvenation!

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Great food, fantastic coastal location, fun and folk music.

To celebrate the fiftieth year of Pembrokeshire's famous Druidstone Hotel, Masterclass surfing will be using the venue to launch their new course specifically tailored for the older participant complete with evening music, and a Fish feast on Tuesday night with ceilidh leading up to the annual Druidstone Summer jamboree festival. (and you don't even have to surf standing up!).

Spoil yourself, have fun, get active, learn a new skill with surf sessions designed for the over 50s and yes it has been done before but this time your instructor has been surfing since 1965 and teaching it since 1984 so has maybe had a bit more experience than most!

You're never too old to learn something new and surfing is possibly the easiest and softest of the extreme adrenaline sports. Young, blonde and tanned (well, 70, grey and rusty from the sea!) champion surfer and surf coach/ lifeguard, Pete Bounds and his team of, admittedly, younger instructors will guide you through his complete masterclass that covers your options for body boarding, bodysurfing and stand up surfing, as well as talks on beach safety, wind, waves, weather and marine-wildlife. The masterclass is broken down into short sessions of practice on the beach and coaching in the water, so you can enjoy the experience at your own pace and to suit your fitness level.

Choose from two, three and four day courses. A typical session includes a half day surf coaching, then a delicious wholesome lunch, followed by more surfing or a relaxing afternoon activity including optional, yoga or sports therapy massage and talks by a guest speaker on a surf related topic. An evening meal viewing the sunset at the beautiful Druidstone Hotel provides the perfect end to the day with occasional live music thrown in.

Ideal for retirees, wild swimmers looking for the next challenge, recuperating or lapsed fitness freaks, the super-fit or not-so-fit, surfing really is for everyone!

Call 07971 271 673 or email petebounds@yahoo.co.uk

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REAL Silver Surfers Course Price Guide and Event Timetable 2019

(All accommodation and meals are extra to give you maximum choice.)

(All course prices include equipment hire)


Price for Surfing, Yoga & massage

Price for Surfing only (non res)

Druidstone Hotel or Cuffern Manor B&B

June Sat. 29-30


Two day & weekend £125

Sunday = Dru Ukelele Festival.

July Mon. 1-2


Two day £125


July Mon. 1-4


Four day* Mon. to Thurs. midday £225

Dru Tues. feast night and evening live music.

Sept Tues. 10-13


Three day Tues. to Fri. midday £175


Sept Tues. 10-11


Two day £125


Sept Tues. 17-20


Four day* Tue. to Fri. midday £225


Sept Tues. 17-18


Two day £125


Other recommended accommodation

Self cater Cottages @ Druidstone or Nolton Haven, YHA Broad Haven, Camping @ Shortlands

See our accommodation recommendations here

*Can be two , three or four days.

More dates in Sept TBA (Warmest sea temperatures then!).

All surfing equipment is provided.

Yoga, Tai Chi and sports massage will be organised to suit group and individual preferences day to day on an "either one or the other" basis.

REAL Silver Surfers Course Daily Timetable





10.00 – 12.30




Surfing 10am - 2pm

12.45 -2.15






2.30 – 4.00

Chi kung with Dee Mallon (Energy focus) & bagua (Martial art)

Yoga with Lisa

Mindfulness with Heather Fish









It never occurred to me to learn to surf whilst growing up in Pembrokeshire. Nearly four decades on in the Home Counties, with grey hair and retirement looming I decided to get out of my comfort zone. Pete’s classes were a revelation to me. The vistas at Newgale and Broad Haven are stunning. Pete is firm and precise. His patience and teaching are exemplary. I would mull over the things he had taught me and realise how it all made sense. Pete breaks down the stages required to surf correctly. No one is made to feel small or inadequate and Pete knows how hard to push to get results. This 61 year old has gained enormous satisfaction from learning a new skill, demonstrating that it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks!

Shobha Edgell

I attended one of Masterclass Surfing’s introductory courses for ‘older learners’ with three fellow novices in June 2018. It was a sunny but chilly day at Newgale with only small surf. The course was given by Pete Bounds – owner of Masterclass Surfing and an instructor with many years of coaching and teaching experience. The course began with a blackboard session from Pete on spotting and dealing with the potential dangers at a surf beach. The session was illustrated with examples from the stunning two mile long Newgale beach that formed the backdrop to the talk as well as by real- life stories from Pete’s extensive travels to surf spots around the world. While it would have been enjoyable to sit in the sun all morning listening to Pete’s stories we were here to surf and keen to get in the water.
Pete kitted us out with wetsuits and selected boards for us before giving us a short explanation of the main features of a surfboard. Then it was time to hit the beach. We started by getting used to the boards by riding waves lying down. The small size of the waves that day was not a problem as Pete joined us in the water and showed us how to spot the waves heading into the beach from out at sea and how to time our take-off onto the waves. Once we’d got used to the boards we progressed to steering and more refined balance of the board while still riding lying down.
Then it was back to the beach where Pete showed us three different techniques for getting to the standing position on our boards. These varied from the more dynamic manoeuvre that younger, nimbler surfers might use to a slightly slower, less athletic, but no less effective, technique and finally a positively sedate rise to the standing position that still kept you in control of your board throughout the manoeuvre. Following some gentle warm-up exercises on the beach and some practice with our boards firmly planted on the sand it was time to go back in the water. Pete encouraged us to experiment with the different standing techniques to find which was the most comfortable and effective for us. There was no judgement on which technique we chose. The aim was to get us standing up safely in control of our boards and having fun. I’d never met any of the people in my group before but we were all shouting encouragement to each other and there were cheers whenever someone got to their feet and rode a wave to the beach. By the end of the morning session we had all achieved our goal of riding a wave standing up at least once.
I’d thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who’s ever wanted to give surfing a go but who thought that perhaps they’d left it too late. Any fears you might have about your ability will be quickly dispelled as your fellow students will also be of more mature years and understand the challenge that you’re undertaking. And, no disrespect to Pete, your coach will also be of a good vintage. Pete has many years’ experience of surfing and teaching but his passion for his sport and his enthusiasm for getting his students surfing makes you feel like this is still his first season. Long may it continue.

Simon Ward